Lies To Self


“These are interesting times. On one hand there are changes happening on a global scale that can’t really be ignored much longer. On the other hand the majority of the population seem to live their lives as if everything is just as it always is and always will be, locked in a tunnel vision of personal and material interest.

As long as we keep lying to ourselves based on conditioning, wishful thinking, suppression or denial and believe the lies “out there”, mistaking them for truth, nothing will change. This goes also beyond having a “positive” attitude, where hope can be merely a trap and lie to the self.

Believing in lies that are “positive” in appearance (regardless how well-meaning the intent or good-hearted the person) is actually being negative and blocks one’s awareness and spiritual evolution.

Being positive can mean acknowledging something negative because it is the truth, seeing it for what it is. If you believe a lie, even if it seems positive and makes you “feel good”, you give away your free will and that has spiritual implications. In these times of transition it becomes imperative to do seek truth and strive towards objectivity so we don’t take the “wrong” turn into entropy.

Of all forms of lying, lies to self are esoterically the most harmful. This is the only form of lying which is never justified. One effect of lying to self is increasing the factionalization of little I’s, where one little “I” misleads another, thus going directly contrary to the goal of forging an internal unity.

Another effect of lying to Self, specially if the lie to Self is believed by a large faction of little I’s, is weakening one’s faculty of discernment. Habitual lying to self promotes sleep and introduces internal noise conflicting with the signals from those parts of Self which do not believe the lie to Self. Deliberately lying to others is less destructive to integrity than lying to Self, specially if the latter lie is believed and absorbed into the Self.

It appears that in most circumstances, one lies or tells the truth mechanically, simply because they cannot do otherwise. Only when there is a measure of non-mechanical being and intentionality does lying or telling the truth become significant. Moral or ethical considerations do not apply to machines. One must have a degree of mastery over the self in order to make choices concerning honesty. All is predicated on the circumstance and the level of being of the participants. Within the Work, honesty is required; in the outside world, compulsive honesty can even be a form of hysteria and lead to all manner of trouble.

The question of truth and lies relates to entropy and creation through the fact that lying always introduces confusion and disorder into the system of the world. In a world that is based on lies and half-truths playing along with this is to a degree necessary. Lying generally introduces added separation between the one who lies and the one to whom one lies. As an internal phenomenon this is contrary to the Work. As an outside interaction, separating one’s inner life from another by lies can be vital.

Lies are a form of power over others. In terms of the service to others/\service to self dynamic, lies are a tool of service to self (sts). Lies are aligned with the principle of entropy simply because the more lies the world contains, the less organized and fragmented it becomes and the more energy is expended in maintaining all this complexity. This ties up energy which otherwise could be expressed creatively. This is true within the individual as well as at the societal scale.

A lie can be seen as an indirect request for truth. In a situation of confrontation where lies are used as instruments, the defense consistent with the Service To Others (STO) orientation is confronting the lies and spin with Truth. Lies and their promoters can often be recognized by the fact that they tend to shift in response to circumstance and become entangled in their own contradictions while Truth remains stable.

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