It requires a lot of responsibility to accept this information. This information is unsettling because you are on your own. We are on our own. There is no savior or army of angels or ETs who are going to collect the good and bring them to their heavenly home. This also requires work. It is behavioral adjustments. It is impeccability. It is authenticity. It is attentiveness. It is caring. It is not a party. It is not surface cosmetics. This is the sober journey into self-realization no matter how that realization appears. It is a commitment to that premise. You don’t say to yourself, ‘I’ll walk that path, but only if I get to go to heaven and rest in paradise with beautiful souls all around me’. That’s not this path. “For those who want that path, they can subscribe to the religion or cult of their choice and find those kinds of promises aplenty. This information is for those interested in breaking through to their true self and in doing so, not to rest and relax… or… or party and enjoy, but to serve MA’AT through their behaviors and be a Light for others who incarnated here with a mission.

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